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Glass fencing may be one of the most luxurious type of fencing on the market. Not only is it beautiful by looks, it is also extremely practical in terms of visibility and how it allows you as parent or guardian to have a full view of your home. These type of fencing are perfectly suited for swimming pools, stair cases, balconies and as shower screens. One of the let downs with glass balustrade is the price. Panels can range everything from 250 sq/m up to 500 sq/m depending on country of origin and thickness, an important factor in terms of if a normal family can afford it.

We have glass fencing in our backyard for our pool but we choose to get the cheaper option which is the semi frameless glass fencing. For us, it was an obvious option as the price was much lower. But what really made us go for this option, was the quality. Because the price, many people just choose to get the cheapest option, fine until it all shatters after 1 month.

Who did I contact?

I called the SPASA which is the govern body for pools and spas in Australia. I asked them about questions and advice and they guided me through the process. I learnt quickly that I rather would pay a little extra for quality, than put any lives at risk. I ended up contacting several different companies which were members of the SPASA and it turned out perfect.

This is our fencing:


Today we have had our glass fencing for 3 years and so far we have had no problem at all. I would recommend people to look for quality glass products or if the price wont allow, then look for other options instead of cheap glass.

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Restore Your Glass

Glass can after a while get foggy and lose the once spectacular looks it had once it was installed. Many owners of such glass often think of replacement but the answer might be much easier than that. According to a statistics made my www.melbournecopingsupplies.com.au 87% of all glass replacement could be save with a restoration job.

Glass stairs

What type of glass does this apply to?

Shower screens and glass pool fencing are two examples, which regularly need treatment and cleaning in order to maintain it looks. By restoring the current glass, you will remove all grime and scum stuck to the surface and also apply a coating which will make it harder for scum and grime to attach itself to the glass in the future.

Studies have shown that treated glass last 52% longer than untreated panels. If you already made an upfront investment on installing these beautiful see through panels, there are absolutely no reasons you should not invest in a quality coating.

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